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Nasik, Maharashtra , Friday , 28 Dec 2018

2018 is almost ending, and while others are getting ready to bid the year goodbye, Staff at Anuradha Art Jewellery, Nashik, attended a productive Team Building and Motivational Staff Training Program, imparted by the extremely multi-talented Anish Sahasrabudhe, from B-smart, earlier this month.

The training program was interactive and informative. It was a perfect combination of activities and motivational speeches which focused on recognizing the problems via games and then solving these problem areas with the help of the trainer. 40 staff members attended this Training session and these 40 members were divided into 4 teams. These teams were given tasks and games which focused on Team Building and Unity. After the games were played, the trainer then asked the Staff what problems they faced, and how they could perform better. Instead of directly talking about the problems, the trainer chose an interactive session with the staff members, which was a huge plus point. It was concluded that communication and unity of team members were the target areas that needed more attention.

Mr. Sahasrabudhe also addressed issues of the staff members like how to communicate with customers, how to retain energy after working for so many hours, and most importantly, how taking keen interest in the field of artificial jewellery, can help a staff member stay fresh and energetic, even after a hectic day. “Body language, interest in the field, unity and communication is very helpful to build valuable customer relations, for any brand. At Anuradha Art Jewellery, the staff members knew the importance of these three pillars. They have a young team, which means, they grasp things faster and can get moulded easily, when trained correctly. Their maturity and understanding impressed me, and I see great scope of improvement”, quoted Mr. Sahasrabudhe, when asked about his experience on training the staff members at Anuradha Art Jewellery.

On the other hand, the owner of Anuradha Art Jewellery, Mr. Ketan Thakkar gave us a solid reason as to why such training workshops are important for the staff members and a brand, in general- “I got this staff training program organized because I believe that a brand should always keep evolving. I wanted to bring about improvement in customer relations and unity amongst my Team. Someone experienced and multi-talented like Mr. Anish Sahasrabudhe would help me do, just that. I can already see quite a lot of improvement in the staff behaviour. It was a fun learning experience for the staff members.”