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Nashik, Maharashtra

The virtual world is developing every second and online shopping is a raging trend today. In order to stay at the top of the Online jewellery shopping game, and to give their customers a smooth, and exceptional online shopping experience, Anuradha Art Jewellery’s website has just had a brand-new and classy makeover.

The website now has a more user-friendly interface, with smooth loading speed. What catches the eye now, is the mega menu with a huge variety of artificial jewellery categories. They have attempted to cover many more categories than the usual ones, making the website unique and approachable. Yet another superb addition to the website is the “voice search” tab, at the right-hand side of the search bar, which let’s the customer search for his/her favourite fashion jewellery, even without having to type the whole word, hence saving a lot of customer’s time.

New and amazing additions to the fashion jewellery products are ample varieties of fashionable hair accessories, stylish bindis, fashion stickers, door torans, and many more. There are special offers and discounts which are clearly visible to the customer in the new DEAL OF THE DAY section, where customers can steal pocket-friendly deals on their favourite imitation jewellery. Superb quality, high definition images have been added to each jewellery section, with a superzoom feature, enabling the customer to check each detail of the product they want to buy, only by moving their cursor on every detail they want to see. 

Mr. Ketan Thakkar, owner of Anuradha Art Jewellery, gave us a valuable insight as to why he decided to modify the website to give it a new look- “Customer satisfaction and shopping experience are the most important to me, when I run this business. With changing times, I have to make sure that our customers get the ultimate and modern shopping experience. Me and my team decided to polish and modify our website, for a better user experience. Now, checking out after selecting a product, has become more easy- just a few clicks and your order will be placed. Also, the Mega menu has been designed with an exquisite range of categories so that customers looking for specific fashion jewellery, can easily spot it on the list, instead of searching for it. I want the customers to feel at ease, and make the most out of their fashion jewellery shopping experience online, with us.”

Once a small Art Jewellery Platform, now a flourishing E-Commerce website- Anuradha Art Jewellery is an imitation jewellery brand which has grown from the dreams of two successful Entrepreneurs- Mr. Ketan Thakkar and Atul Thakkar to a company which now has two successful branches in Nashik city and an established E-Commerce Website, www.anuradhaartjewellery.com with thousands of loyal and happy customers.