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Jewellery Heaven From Jammu & Kashmir

Rich in art, handicraft, beauty, mannerism, literature, heritage and a lot more, this is all about heaven on earth, Jammu & Kashmir. The valleys, the nature, and the people, all seem to be blending and complementing each other so wonderfully that it has transitioned into their art of making jewellery. There's a lot of dexterity with which jewels are designed and created by the smiths in Jammu & Kashmir.

Srinagar is well known for its precious gemstones such as sapphire, agates, amethysts, etc. These are used in the authentic jewellery designs of Jammu & Kashmir which enhance the beauty of the designs crafted by the designers there. The main precious metal which is traditionally used in their jewellery is Gold. People till date follow the traditional ways of making jewellery which is why it is difficult to copy or replicate the designs easily.

Types of jewellery worn:
1. Kundalas are worn by men and women on their ears which are circular in shape.
2. The women wear anklets there which are known as Nupuras.
3. The women in Rajouri district wear a crown-like silver cap which is known as Chaunk Phool.
4. Tika is worn over the temple, Balu is the nose ring and Kada is the bangle or a cuff-like ornament.
5. Jugni is another ornament worn over the forehead which has fringes like design with gold leaves and balls hanging.
6. Alcahor is a piece of ear jewellery which rests over the ear and is connected by a chain running over the head.
7. Deji-hoor is the traditional earring style which has chains pierced through the top ends of the ear lobes. Kashmiri pandit women wear these symbolising their married status.
8. Kanadoor is usually worn by young girls. It is made from gold and silver and has red and green stones and pearls studded.
9. Halakband is the ethnic necklace style worn by women. It is a choker neckpiece which has mirror work and precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds and others embedded in it. The pendant shapes of the necklaces are usually triangle, in Jammu & Kashmir.
10. Gunus is a jewellery style made for the wrist. It is shaped like a snake or a lion head embossed at both ends of this cuff style and is mostly made of gold and silver.
11. Sondus is a shoulder ornament which women wear, a gift passed down to them by their mother.
12. Bala is a jewellery meant for the ears. These have turquoise studs with hanging leaf and balls design.

The designs of these traditional jewellery pieces are very tribal in vibe and hold great importance in their own way.
Silver and gold are known now to be heavily used and preferred by the men and women in Jammu & Kashmir as these metals compliment their traditional outfits and craft work done over them. The bridal jewellery get-up for the women there adds a lot of charm to their already incredible natural beauty and undoubtedly everyone will agree with it!