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Know All About Glass Beads Jewellery

Glass beads in one colour or different hues, when woven into dainty or heavy jewellery, look so stunning and colourful that it is impossible to overlook them. Whether it is a necklace, a bangle, earrings or any other piece of jewellery, Glass Beads is a style that wins everyone's heart.

Origins of Glass Beads Jewellery
It is unclear as to which was the initiator of this kind of jewellery making but by looking at some historical traces of glass, it is observed that an accident perpetuated the initiation while making glazed ceramic beads. Around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, glass was used to create jewellery that looked like precious stones. This was to feed the demands of fashion jewellery amongst the populace.

The traditional way of making glass was processed when soda ash, lime and sand were heated to a 1000 C and then quickly cooled down to create glass ingots. With advancing technology, using glass for various purposes was made possible. The Egyptians and Phoenicians were the experts and the pioneers in the glass making art and the fever spread to other different regions such as Rome, China, Greece, Japan, India, etc. The Egyptians designed beautiful beads jewellery and mixed them with precious stones. The people of Egypt symbolized the beads with something meditative and made jewellery with it that was used for spirituality.
How it is made?
Glasses are pigmented with metallic oxides to make it more interesting visually. The deep blue shade is achieved by using cobalt, copper or iron is used to get turquoise blue shade, lead is used for the yellow colour, oxides of copper are used to get red and orange, manganese salts to get violet shades. The white milky shade is achieved by mixing tin and lead oxide.
Different types of glass beads-
The variety of glass of beads that is available in this time is insane. An integral part of costume jewellery which has a huge market with soaring demands sees a lot of usage of beads. Hand blown glass beads and Czech glass beads are particularly popular. Particular Indian glass beads are round in shape or cylindrical and really high in quality. The hand-blown glass beads are quite expensive and can be customised as per one's liking. Czech beads are really versatile and can be easily shaped as per the needs. The beads can be shaped to resemble beautiful crystals, which are known by diverse names such as Pony glass beads, white heart beads, plain glass beads, frosted glass beads, and glass mix beads.
Modern-day trends -
The seed beads are chopped into tiny pieces from a glass cane. Chinese beads are inexpensive and irregular in their shapes and sizes, Japanese beads are superior in quality and known as Rocailles. Foil glass beads are another type that is really popular amongst youth and celebrities. These foil beads are created by spinning the glass around silver or gold foil and shaped into interesting motifs of flowers, fish, hearts, animals, dolphins, and so on. This handmade jewellery trend is not going to fade any time soon and some of the statement jewellery pieces in glass beads is a must-have!