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Know All About The Royalness Of Rajasthani Jewellery

One of the most culturally rich states of India, Rajasthan, is not only a favourite amongst the celebrities and VIPs in India but also abroad. You talk of destination weddings, gigantic palaces, scrumptious food and the royal jewellery of this place, you are not going to be left disappointed. Rajasthan has some of the finest crafts in making jewellery and the art by the craftsman deserves accolades and recognition worldwide. The jewellery from Rajasthan is a great blend of the modern vibes coupled with the traditional touch of the ancient days. Bollywood blockbusters like Mughal-e-Azam, Jodha Akbar, and the likes have really popularised the royal jewellery from Rajasthan where the world saw actresses in such movies wearing some drop-dead gorgeous statement jewels which were truly some pieces of art.

Brides from different parts of India and the world too, like their bridal collection to have at least one piece of Rajasthani Jewellery in their trousseau or gather inspiration for their jewels drawn from the traditional Rajasthani jewellery. The royal families from Rajasthan are also partly responsible for making the jewellery from their own land, a remarkable treasure the entire world wants to get their hands on.

Taking a look at the five most popular Rajasthani Jewellery works:

Kundan - One of the most heavily worn jewellery styles for any bride or a woman is the Kundan Jewellery. The manufacturing of making this kind of jewellery requires skilled and intricate creativity. The Kundan stones are layered over a gold sheet and then gold foils are squeezed through the wholes around the stones to hold them in their place. Silver is also used as the base metal nowadays to create Kundan jewellery. Artificial Kundan stones are also used to make more budget-friendly Kundan jewels easily available for the masses.

Thewa - One of the oldest traditions of making jewellery in Rajasthan is in the style of Thewa. This requires the use of gold and glass together. Intricate gold patterns are laid over a glass piece in different shapes. One of the key points of this kind of jewellery is that it is vibrant and rich in hues.

Meenakari - Another classic and a famous style of Rajasthani jewellery is the Meenakari work. The creation originated in Jaipur and this style of jewellery making is distinct because of bright colours. Outlines of flowers, animals and other interesting motifs are used to create vivid Meenakari jewels. Gold and silver are heavily used as the framework for Meenkarai jewellery in which furrows are created inside which different colours are added to create a piece.

Polki - A rare diamond that is unpolished or uncut, is used in making Polki jewellery. Gold and lac are used as the base to hold the semi-polished diamonds. Polki jewellery is extremely unique which is why it is one of a kind, falling under the category of heirloom jewellery that is passed down from one generation to another. Polki Borla or the Maang tikka is specifically one of the most gorgeous jewellery pieces.

Lac - No one denies that fact that Rajasthan is famous for its Lac jewellery and particularly Lac bangles. Lac jewellery is always vibrant, exquisite and ethnic in its true sense and semi-precious stones are used in the overall creation of this kind of Rajasthani jewellery.