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Learn about the Wonderful Wooden Jewellery

Nature's beautiful gift in the form of wood is used in many things. From building houses to creating handmade jewellery, it is versatile in many ways. This unconventional material to make jewellery has been garnering a lot of attention especially because it is natural and very light in weight. It is unusual and one can look very different from the rest of the world by wearing wooden jewellery. This is an ancient art form and nothing new. Our forefathers and even people before them utilized wood to create stunning handmade jewellery pieces that women loved to adorn themselves with. The fashion of wearing wooden jewellery is picking up worldwide and is becoming one of the most sought-after ways of styling up ones wardrobe.

India has been known for its rich woodwork and the skills vary from region to region and state to state. The Bastar tribe of the MP have their specific version of the wooden jewellery whereas the North-Eastern tribes have their own style of using wood to create jewellery. Beads jewellery is very popular amongst other Indian tribes who don wooden jewellery as their traditional customary rituals. The ancient times have pieces of evidence to show wherein hair accessories, necklaces, bangles, etc. were heavily worn by the women.

There's no denying that with time, lots of changes occur in the way a certain thing is designed and created. The traditional designs exist but the more contemporary or modern version of the wooden jewellery can be seen embellished with certain metals. Wooden beads in diverse shades coupled with carved pendants is a type of jewel item really liked by women and men alike. Wooden jewellery can be paired with formal as well as an Indie-west mix of outfits and be layered one over the other.  

The wood artists skillfully combine different types of woods to create a more stunning jewellery art for jewellery lovers. Cut glass, semi-precious, as well as precious stones, are also used to decorate and beautify a particular piece. Other than artificial metals, gold and silver are also used to create wooden jewellery.

Variety for all-
Wooden jewellery is for everyone as there are innumerable types of designs created to suit all kinds of tastes. Beautiful colourful glass mosaics are used to create wooden bracelets or delicate yet intricate carvings and motifs are created over a wood piece that is woven as a pendant in a necklace. Mango wood earrings with beads droplets look stunning. Prayer beads made out of wood is something special for any spiritual and religious person and is heavily popular in India.

Fortune wrist bands created with wood coin designs or handcrafted rose shaped cocktail ring or wooden cross pendants are pretty popular amongst the youth. Wood is one such material that can be customised in ways one wants as per one's liking. Different hues and embellishments can be added and shapes and motifs can be created to make the pieces extremely detailed and stunning. Handcrafted wooden jewellery is one of the investments that doesn't create a hole in one's pocket.