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Learn All About Solitaire

The inescapable search for the perfect Solitaire jewellery, especially engagement rings, keeps many busy. It is one of the most popular choices of many but not all know what Solitaire is all about. This is where you can find everything about the gorgeous and sparkling stone and the important points to consider while making your investment.

What's a Solitaire?

First and foremost, the word Solitaire is used to define a piece of jewellery that is set with a single diamond or gemstone without any additional stones in them. This defines the significance of a solitary stone that enhances the beauty of any jewellery in which it is set. Even though Solitaires are mostly selected for wedding rings however there is no limit to the way it is used in other jewellery designs and pieces. Solitaire pendants, earrings, and bracelets are quite popular amongst the younger generation especially because they look unique, glamorous, and classy. The idea behind it is to highlight the beauty of the stone in itself.

How to make the right selection of the most flawless Solitaire?

Solitaire in its broader meaning has a lot of intricacies which need to be paid attention to while buying or investing in them. The quality of the sparkling stone can make or break your mood and collection's worth. There are four Cs that help in guiding an individual to make the perfect selection of a Solitaire diamond. So here are all the Cs to consider when buying Solitaire diamond bangles or Solitaire diamond necklace, and so on.


The cut of a Solitaire diamond is very crucial as it tells about the reflective quality and the brilliance of that stone. To mention a few, these are some well-known cuts in a Solitaire diamond which are commonly known, such as in round, oval, emerald, cushion, marquise, trillion, and princess cuts. A round brilliant cut helps in rendering better sparkle and shine to the look of the diamond. Oval and marquise cuts make the diamond look big in size.


Solitaire diamonds can be colourless or have a tiny hue of yellow and brown. Colourless diamonds are the most exquisite and the most expensive ones, high in demand. They are unique and really high in quality.


Sometimes there could be a possibility of imperfections within the diamond. Internal ones are known as inclusions and the imperfections on the outside of the stone are blemishes. Whenever buying a solitaire, ensure to get higher quality ones as those have the least imperfections. If possible, check the stone under a microscope because imperfections are not easily visible to the naked eye.


This refers to the weight of the diamond which is measured in the metrics of a Carat. One Carat means 1/5 gram, which is further divided into 100 points. Even though it doesn't affect the beautiful look of the diamond but Carat does determine the price of the stone.

Different Settings In Solitaire Diamond Rings

Peg Head Setting - This is a very popular setting as this makes the diamond look shinier due to the exposure style. However, this is a more risky design since it is susceptible to damage in case one is very busy or clumsy and can't be watchful all the time of the Solitaire jewellery item while wearing it. This one looks very contemporary, perfect for the modern age.

Basket Setting - Quite similar to the peg-head style, this one has either four or six prongs or an additional metal belt to hold the diamond sturdily in its place. This is a more traditional looking diamond setting.

Trellis Setting - With four or more prongs weaved around each other, this particular setting looks classy and elegant.

Bezel Setting - This is the safest and most sturdy way of securing a Solitaire in a Finger rings since a wide strap of metal is used in the design inside which the stone is set. The downside of this setting is that it makes the diamond look smaller than it is since it is majorly covered from all sides and only the top is exposed. The great thing about this one is that it is an amazing selection for those of you who want to keep wearing their Solitaire even in their hectic day to day schedule.