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Mangalsutra - The Sacred Thread Of Love

Mangalsutra is a word which originated from two different words of Sanskrit, 'Mangala' denoting holy and 'Sutra' denoting thread. Almost every Hindu married woman wears a Mangalsutra that symbolises her love and respect for her husband. It is made of black and gold beads and there could be more than one string plus a pendant of different design is also attached that hangs in the middle of the thread. Even though it is a part of jewellery, its significance is much more than that.

The shape and size of a Mangalsutra vary from one location to another. Gold and diamond pendants are the most famous in Mangalsutra design. Also, some women like to wear short mangalsutra but traditionally, long mangalsutra is to be worn as it touches the important point on a woman's body which connects her truly with her partner.
As per the customs, Mangalsutra is to be tied in three knots witch each one holding an importance in its own way. The first knot signifies a wife's loyalty towards her husband, the second knot stands for a wife's commitment towards her husband and family life, and the third knot symbolises devotion of a wife towards God to pray for her husband's well-being and long life.

What Mangalsutra symbolizes?

A powerful ornament, Mangalsutra lends a beautiful power and aura to a woman wherein the left side of a mangalsutra denotes Iccha shakti or the power of one's intentions and the right side denotes, Gyan, the power of knowledge. The junction where the two sides meet denotes kriya shakti or the power of actions. All three powers combined to create a powerful and divine force for a woman to stick by.

Marathis wear the bowl-shaped pendant in their mangalsutra, which is known as Vaatis, the women from Konkan region wear three necklaces called Dhaaremani, Tamils wear a mangalsutra known as Thaali, women from Bihar call their mangalsutra, Taagpaag. There are many other communities in India where women call and have their own unique versions of this beautiful sacred thread. In some, women who customarily may not have the ritual of wearing mangalsutra may wear a mangalsutra bracelet in order to enjoy and flaunt their love for their husband.

New-Age Fashion-

Traditionally, a lot of changes have occurred in the way a mangalsutra is designed and created these days. A lot of modern elements have been incorporated in the designs such as adding precious stones or diamonds into the design. Other than gold, women also wear platinum mangalsutra chains or the ones made with other different alloys. Modern-day women prefer wearing diamond pendant mangalsutra so that it blends well with their ethnic as well as western outfits. Typical leaf and flower motifs are the two most popular designs and the layering of threads may also vary from one lady to another. This pretty bauble is a statement piece by itself and is flaunted by many actresses and divas with their unique designs and styles of mangalsutra.  No matter which design you wear, as a married woman, you're bound to love yourself in it!