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Nature's Most Beautiful Miracle In Pearl Jewellery

Nature's Most Beautiful Miracle In Pearl Jewellery

Pearl is known as the Queen of Gems, and it's truest to the T since this beautiful gem is the most impressive gift of nature. Pearl Jewellery has an iconic place in the world. From the queens to the actresses, all have seemed to be in awe of the simplistic yet the enigmatic charm of pearl jewellery and there's no single jewellery collector in this world who doesn't own at least one piece of pearl jewellery. Despite loving it so much yourself, do you know from where it comes, which are the most treasured pearl jewellery pieces and the various types of pearls available?

The Creation-

Unlike other gemstones that are excavated from the core of the earth, pearls are created by the living organism inside a shell. When an irritant or a parasite gets lodged inside the shell of an oyster, out of pain it secrets a crystal-like substance known as nacre, building around the irritant which ultimately turns into a pearl.


In the initial days, natural pearls were found in many places, however, now it is mostly available in the seas of Bahrain. One of the largest remaining fleets of pearl diving ships is still available in Australia.

Value of Pearl in jewellery-

The value of this gems jewellery is decided based on certain factors such as size, colour, lustre, symmetry, etc. Large-sized and perfectly round pearls are really rare and unique, thus the most expensive ones.

Different types of Pearls-

Akoya: These are known as the classic pearls, which are found along the coast of Japan. Akoya pearls are available in the shades of whites and creams.

Freshwater: Inexpensive, the Freshwater Pearls are quite popular because of their shapes, pretty soft colours like pink, peach & lavender, and soft lustre. It's fun to note that some of these pearls come baroque-shaped!

Tahitian: Really unique in colour and composition, the Tahitian Pearls come in metallic greens, golds, browns, blacks, and similar tones. Due to the variety available, these are pretty much in demand nowadays.

Southsea: The Rolls Royce in the category of pearls, Southsea pearls are perfectly round in shape and are one of the rarest types available in white and light gold.

Fun Facts about Pearls-

1. The colour, the texture and the glow of a pearl depend upon the quality of nacre secreted by the kind of shell from which the pearl is extracted.

2. The birth of a naturally processed rare pearl is only 1 out of 10,000 oysters.

3. An artificial round pearl was first ever created by Kokichi Mikimoto.

4. A pear-shaped pearl, which looks like a tiny egg, known as Le Peregrina is deemed as the world's most famous one.

5. The legend Cleopatra seemed to have owned and worn the largest pearls in her time.

6. Pearl is the official gemstone for those born in the month of June.

Some of the most expensive Pearl Necklaces-

1. The Baroda Pearl Necklace is created with stunningly matching natural pearls, layered in seven strands.

2. The Big Pink Pearl, also known as the exotic Abalone Pearl is one of the largest and the finest of its kind; weighs in at a whopping 470 carats.

3. The Duchess of Windsor Pearl Necklace is a single-strand natural pearl necklace, which is of a smaller choker length.

4. Naturally Coloured Black moti necklace is of charcoal grey colour with beautiful undertones of green, peacock, aubergine and metallic silver.

5. The Dodge Pearl double-strand necklace is absolutely gorgeous. This white pearls neckpiece has creamy rose overtones.