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Popular Types of Sindoor Danis Every Married Women Must Own

Sindoor is also known as vermillion which is a red or burnt orange powder, applied by married women in India. Over the hair parting, sindoor is applied by women, which is clearly visible to everyone, since that is what it is meant to do. The tradition of wearing sindoor by Hindu married women in India has been followed from the past 5000 years or more. At the marriage ceremony during the pheras, the husband puts sindoor over the hair parting of his bride. This is why, a Sindoor Box or Sindoor Dani, as it is known in the traditional lingo, is an important part of a bride's trousseau.

On other occasions such as festivals in India, women apply as well as use sindoor for purposes such as dance. For instance, in Bengal during Durga Puja, married women play 'sindoor khela' while seeing Goddess Durga away to her married house of Lord Shiva. Sindoor boxes are beautifully decorated and there is a wide variety of these available in the market. From wooden boxes to metals ones, from silver finish boxes to the ones embellished with gemstones, there's more that's available out there.

Some popular types of Sindoor Danis-

1. Wood Boxes with Metal inclusions - A Wood box has been an ancient material that women have owned in which they kept their sindoor. The wood box may have beautiful carvings and be embedded with colourful stones as well pearls.
2. Dome-shaped Silver Box  - Silverware is anyway very popular and a beautiful sindoor box in silver is just the right pick for those who like the bright and vivid metal!
3. Fancy Gold Box in Temple Jewellery style - Definitely for someone who is in love with the heavy designs of jewellery from South India, this box has embellishments and carvings that imitate the Temple Jewellery.
4. Antique looking Rectangle Box with crystal stones - Anything that looks antique gives a very heritage vibe. For those of you who are lucky to get sindoor box from your mother, the heirloom piece is a treasure. For those who did not receive a sindoor box passed down by the family can always get one for themselves in the antique finish.
5. Sindoor Box made of Lac - You must have heard of lac bangles, famously made in Rajasthan, but then there are beautiful colourful sindoor boxes as well made out of lac. These look absolutely traditional and have an exotic vibe to them.
6. Brass Sindoor Box - This is the oldest style of sindoor box one can find in their mother's special collection of jewels and boxes. Mostly, these are embellished with big coloured stones and the cap of the box has an elongated tip to hold and open the cap of the box.
7. Meenakari Sindoor Box - Meenakari work looks beautiful with stunning colours over the box and the dotted design over it looks great, which is really famous amongst women. Some of the box designs also have very intricate patterns and look like statement pieces which can sweep any woman off her feet with their beauty.