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Pretty Baubles Called Payals

In day to day life, women, in general, don't really wear anklets unless they are newly married and are in the mood to flaunt their pretty pairs of payals. Also, this is one kind of accessory which is often overlooked by a lot of people as other aspects such as clothes, hair and different jewellery overpower these dainty pieces. But traditionally speaking, payals have symbolic importance in every Indian's life. When a woman is married, she wears either gold or silver payals. At a child's birth, the newborn is gifted with special payal design meant for the tiny feet.

History of Payals -
It seems the Mesopotamian era is when anklets originated across different cultures of Egypt, Arab and India. In those times, women in India who belonged to the wealthy and royal families wore anklets to display their status and wealth. Other than that, dancers and performers also wore anklets which were not payals but ghunghroos, during their performances. In Arab, due to purdah system, women would wear payals which helped others to know of their coming or presence.

The inspiration-
The mention of payal is used a lot in poetry where the sounds that payals create when a girl walks while wearing them or dances in them gives the vibes of how the poet is admiring the girl's beauty. This is paralleled with the custom of wearing payals for a married woman so her husband can admire her gaiety in the house.

Various styles and anklet designs -
Rajasthan is famous for its payal designs since the women there wear the heaviest ones, which represent their proud tribe. The women living in the rural areas of India diligently wear payals after marriage and follow it till longer days of their life, a tradition fading in the cities. Silver payals with meenakari work, Kundan stones work paijeb or the payals, gold payals with tinker bells, are to name a few of the popular styles of anklets women can be seen wearing in India.

A more modern twist on the desi payals can be seen when these pretty baubles are paired with western outfits by various designers. The most complimenting outfits to pair your payals with are, a saree, Anarkali, suit pants, midi dress, maxi dress, and even flowy ankle skirts. As a fashion jewellery, many Bollywood divas wear anklets in their movies. There are innumerable songs composed in honour and love of payals. Many young girls like to wear payals made with coloured beads that have charms hanging over the thread. Since this type of payal can be customised easily, some girls like to add their own twist to these payals by personalising them with their own name initials.

No matter how many changes occur in the style of payals, the good old design in silver, especially the bridal ones that can be attached with toe rings, remain one of the most beautifully ethnic creations crafted by the real jewellers of India. This is the reason why the westerners fall in love with the ethnic style of Indian jewellery the moment they see payals.