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Pretty Nose Jewel Will Make You Beautiful

Nath or the nose ring is a pretty jewellery item which adds subtle beauty to a woman's face. A nose ring or a nose stud is worn on a regular day-to-day basis however naths are more elaborate and worn mostly during weddings or other important grand events. While single nose jewellery is worn in most parts of India, double nose rings or studs are worn across Southern India and some Eastern India's cultural segments of women.

Although this humble piece of jewellery has been existing since ancient times, however, it did pick up on its popularity during the 9th and 10th centuries when naths became a status symbol. Wives of the Kings, ministers, businessmen and other wealthy families began embracing wearing this beautiful elaborate nose jewel. The nath, which were mostly worn by women at that time were made of pearls, sapphire and Kundan in silver metal. Post 15th century, the trends and evolutions of this bauble saw a drastic transformation and women dared to wear unusual nose pins such as clove, thorn or even nails!

Other than the sides of the nose pierced, septum piercings have also been existing, a style most women from various tribal communities always flaunted, and till date continue to do so.

Significance of a Nose Ring or a Nath for a bride-

The appearance of a bride in India is deeply rooted in the culture of this nation. Whether it is a wedding of the wealthiest man's daughter or that of any poor dad's, a bride is ought to wear a bridal nath, which multiplies her elegance and beauty by leaps and bounds.  It is an essential part of a bride's Shringaar and has a special place in her trousseau. It is said that upon wearing a nose ring, goddess Parvati blesses the bride with an abundance of love and care from her partner. Not only does wearing a nath add to the prettiness of a woman's look but also provide many health benefits!

Different types of Naths worn across India-

In a country like India that is blessed with such rich diversity, Nath is bound to have a huge variety of its own, based on the different regional influences. These are some of such references:

1. Shikharpuri Nath is a part of the Punjabi culture, which is worn by the bride and other women of the house during a wedding ceremony. This Nath or Nose ring is a big-sized hoop with different motifs on it. It does come with a connecting chain that can be pinned in the hair or connected to the earring on the left. Nathni is the lighter version of the same concept with a light chain as well. This style of a Nath is also popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

2. The nath of the Rajasthani brides is also known as Nathuri. It is mainly made of gold or silver with a single or no precious stone in it. In modern time oxidised nose pin is getting high attention.

3. Women in Maharasthra wear Brahmani Naths which are rings decorated with pearls and emeralds.

4. Women in Uttrakhand wear Nathuli which is basically a large ring made of gold and adorned with pearls.

5. Women in South wear nose rings on both the sides of the nose which are simple studs in the shape of the lotus flower or swan, known as Mukhuttis.

There are many more different versions of this beautiful jewellery and without a doubt, it can grace you with a completely different look when you'll wear it. So go ahead, accessorise your face with a pretty sterling or simple gold or silver nose pin or even a diamond nose stud and enjoy its beauty and health benefits.