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Green Colour Moti Styled Dulhan Necklace For Bride
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440.21 489.13
Matte Gold Finish Fashionable Bridal Necklace Jewellery For Women
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207.36 230.4
Pink Colour Peacock Design Traditional Bharatnatyam South Indian Jewellery
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53.79 59.76
Multi Colour Bharatnatyam Bridal Set
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58.07 64.52
Marron- Green Colour South Indian Jewellery Set
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Maroon Colour South Indian Bridal Set
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57 63.33
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Designer Bridal Jewellery Online

A wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. In Indian rituals, wedding is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness.  For girls, this is the day to wear the best costumes and jewellery.  Choosing bridal jewellery set for a wedding is tough enough because it should match the outfit and look perfect on it. Indian brides are adorned with jewellery from head to toe. Bridal jewellery set not only consists of the necklace but also it includes bangles, hath-phool, kamarband, earrings, matha patti, chuda, kalire and other accessories. 

Earlier, gold jewellery was the most preferred choice for a bride but now in modern time, vivid range of designer artificial bridal jewellery set is available in the market.  At Anuradha Art Jewellery you will get a wonderful range of dazzling bridal jewellery set:

Kundan Bridal Jewellery:

Kundan jewellery is ruling the fashion industry. Kundan bridal jewellery is best to get that royal appearance at a wedding.  Kundan jewellery has its existence since the Mughal period. Real Kundan jewellery is made out of gold and it is quite expensive but you can find a range of design in artificial kundan bridal set at an affordable cost.  This jewellery looks beautiful with all type of wedding costumes. 

Pearl Bridal Jewellery:

Pearls are well-known for its elegance and unblemished finish.  They are used for making the jewellery since ancient times. Pearl jewellery comes in a different form like traditional, modern and contemporary.  Pearl wedding jewellery is popular since long back and its charm is evergreen.  In western culture, pearl jewellery is mostly used for a wedding. 

Antique Bridal Jewellery:

Antique bridal jewellery is the old form of traditional jewellery which has dull golden copper finish.  The radiance of antique bridal jewellery is not like the new jewellery but its sheen and design is worth-noticing. This jewellery set features wonderful intricate carving design and has embellishment of semi-precious stones like ruby, emerald and diamond.  Antique dulhan set is mostly complemented with silk saree or Kanjeevaram saree. 

Diamond Wedding Jewellery: 

Diamond is said to be women’s best fashion companion. The shine and radiant of diamond jewellery are worth for money.  Diamond wedding jewellery goes well with designer bridal attires.   Diamond jewellery adds more lavishness to bridal appearance. 

South Indian Bridal Jewellery:

South Indian jewellery lends a divine and exquisite look to the bride. Beautiful range of patterns is available in bridal jewellery like coin jewellery, kemp stones bridal jewellery, temple jewellery and many others.  Usually, South Indian jewellery features intricate carving of God and Goddess.  Each ornament included in South Indian bridal jewellery set has deep meaning and importance. 

At Anuradha Art Jewellery we offer our customer the best collection of Indian Bridal Jewellery Set at an affordable cost.  Make your wedding more special by ordering the best bridal jewellery set from the store of Anuradha Art Jewellery.