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Gold Finish Marathi Moti Necklace Styled With Stones Pearls Jewellery
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Multi Colour Moti Haar Studded With Stones Traditional Moti Haar
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Gold Tone Moti Necklace Studded With Stones Moti Haar For Wedding
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Groom Necklace
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Rani Haar
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Online Traditional Raani Haar

Raani haar holds the special place in Indian women’s jewellery collection. Multiple layer pearl long necklaces are named Rani haar because, in olden time, Queen used to adorn this jewellery piece.   This necklace has multiple layers of pearls and semi-precious stones studded strings knit together. A Rani moti haar has a designer pendant which hangs at the end and lends it a royal look.

Rani Haar is inspired by the royal heritage and it is sure to give that Queen like feeling.  In an Indian wedding, jewellery plays an important role not only for the bride but also for the bride’s mother, sister and all other ladies who plan many days before for this wedding ceremony.  Mostly in wedding, Rani haar is worn by women’s whose age is 40+ the reason is, this necklace set gives that Maharani looks to women.

Rani haar or pearl necklace is mostly adorned by Maharashtrian women on some special occasion like puja or wedding.  Maharashtrian rani haar has multi-layers of pearl beaded strings and has pendant embedded with American diamond and other semi-precious stones like ruby and emerald.  Mostly in royal families, they used to adorn Rani haar styled with pearls and sapphire stones. 

Rani haar is created by using different types of pearl-like Japanese pearls, shell pearls, sea pearls, Basra pearls, Hyderabadi pearls and other artificial pearls. 

Rani haar becomes a centre of attraction when teamed with fancy saree. It plays an important for enhancing the ethnic look.

Anuradha Art Jewellery offers a wonderful collection of designer Maharashtrian moti rani haar set at an affordable cost. We customize the rani haar on customer demand.  So Enjoy Shopping!