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The Amazing Armlet Jewellery: Bajuband Or Vanki

India is a land of jewels and treasures and the rich diversity of the nation is responsible for the variety of jewellery inspirations and ideas. Different geographical places have their own ways of shaping the kind of jewellery worn by people of that particular place. It is not merely that jewellery is meant for adornment purposes but also for a customary value that recites the story of that particular culture. There are certain jewel pieces that are meant for everyday wear and there are those opulent pieces meant for special days and events. India has a lot of festivals and traditions when women like to deck up with loads of traditional jewellery and one of such jewels is the Bajuband also with a type known as Vanki, popular across Maharashtra.

What is a Bajuband or Vanki?
It is an armlet which is worn on the biceps, essentially a special part of the bridal jewellery which is popular across Maharashtra and even South India. A more common design of Bajuband is in a rope shape that has beautiful motifs and designs decorated with stones and pearls or even in gold or diamonds.

Vanki is a little different due to its inverted V-shape that is usually made with hardened precious as well as artificial metals. Another special thing about a Vanki is that the design seamlessly fits over the bicep without creating any pressure over the arm.

Different archaeological discoveries have shown that wearing Bajuband traditionally has been prevalent across the nation and different cultures have their own versions and designs of it. Initially, more men would wear armlets as a sign of masculinity but with time women also began wearing Bajubands. Dancers, particularly Bharatnatyam performers, can be credited with the idea of popularizing this piece of jewel to the extent that has made successful waves even across the seas.

Style rise-
The traditional style of Bajuband and Vanki is an essential part of a bridal fashion but this particular jewellery item has also become an integral part of the fashion jewellery. People of all ages, noticeably with ethnic taste, like to wear armlets during stage performances or with sarees and traditional outfits. The ancient cultures would create a lot of animal and nature-inspired motifs such as snakes or alligators but with fashion wear jewellery, oxidised armlets have become more popular and trendy.

Special Influence-
Indian Bajubands and Vanki have traditional designs inspired by the temples but then there's Greek influence too on the costume jewellery segment. Some Greek sculptures are shown to be adorned with special armlets and warriors especially liked rocking armlets that enhanced their overall masculine persona.

A Vanki or Bajuband is an essential jewellery item in the Maharashtrian culture as the brides wear these on their weddings. Even special festivals or other occasions are good to rock this jewellery. Based on one's personal preference, women make choice between gold, silver, emerald, diamonds encrusted or semi-precious as well as precious stones encrusted Bajubands in different styles. This traditional jewellery goes beautifully with the traditional attire of the Maharashtrian bride or women in general.