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The Ancient Indian Art of Making Filigree Jewellery

It has been a popular way of making jewellery with metal since the 15th century in which detailed and intricate ways of designs are created to achieve a sophisticated and artistic end product. Very beautiful and delicate pieces of fashion jewellery are made which are then embellished to come out with stunning pieces of art. Filigree Jewellery is definitely for those of you who are obsessed with details in an ornament and those who like delicate designs to wear on themselves. Explore further to know about one of the ancient arts of jewellery-making!

Origination and Inspiration-

Almost a thousand years ago, the civilizations of the Mesopotamian Era, Egypt and India had been practicing Filigree jewellery-making which was widely and popularly liked and worn by women. Some of the pieces excavated by the experts are said to be more than 5000 years old. Talking of India, the process of making Filigree Jewellery has remained unchanged from the beginning till now.

What Filigree really is?

The word Filigree comes from two Latin words, 'filum' and 'granum', which mean thread and bead! The fine metal threads and the little beads are used together to create beautiful designs and motifs such as flowers, vines, hearts, and so on. In the process, the jeweller stretches the metal out till it is really thin which is then twisted, turned and set as per the design to be achieved. The lacey design is set onto gold, silver and platinum jewellery to create a piece. The very refined lacey pattern in Filigree Jewellery is the most popular style worn by jewellery aficionados. Open Filigree is still one of the most complex processes used in making an item of an ornament.

Some popular Filigree Jewellery to own-

1. Filigree Pendant Set - This is a multipurpose set to add to one's collection. Most designs women like owning and wearing in a Filigree Pendant Set are of flowers, hearts, leaves, seashell, and in gold & silver combination. These could be thick or thin chain pendant sets and designs.

2. Filigree Engagement Rings - One of the top picks amongst to-be-married women is a Filigree Engagement Ring. Intricate designs and a solitaire encrusted Filigree Finger rings wins every girl's heart.

3. Filigree Necklace - Exquisite looking Filigree necklaces are a rage these days, and women like to pair them with cocktail dresses and gowns as these neckpieces look stunning and glamorous.

4. Filigree Bracelet - Mostly chunky, these bracelets are either hard-set or soft like a wristband. Precious stones on a Filigree bracelet is another trend being seen often at diverse events and occasions.

5. Filigree Maang Tikka - The most royal ethnic style of jewellery is achieved when it is created in a Filigree pattern. The Maang tikka in gold finish with pearls and other stone danglers look breathtaking. Silver and Turquoise Filigree Maang tikka is almost every jewellery collector's dream because it looks colourful and extremely beautiful.

6. Filigree Earrings - Yellow gold, silver, gold, brass are some of the mainstream Filigree earrings famously embraced by many known actresses and designers who have used them in their movies and ramp walks. Filigree earrings look great with all kinds of outfits and add a very sultry, enigmatic feminine look to a woman. These earrings can be embedded with gemstones of one or more than one colour, which adorn especially pale colours of a dress such as in creme, white and off-white!

Filigree anklets, brooches and toe rings are also some of the common styles of jewellery women mostly like wearing especially after their wedding.