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The Beautiful Story Of Bangles

The traditional custom of wearing Bangles is omnipresent across the country of India. Where some women wear glass bangles, some wear bangles made of conches and then there those made of gold, silver, as well as other popular metals. The traditional bangle designs are very popular even these days which is mainly made of gold but modern women and girls like their diamond bangles as much or maybe more than their gold ones. Punjabi chuda, which women wear across Punjab is well-liked by women from other regions also. This is why, every modern bride, no matter from which region of India, likes to flaunt her own choice of chuda. Kangans are also a style of bangles women like pairing their simple sarees or other Indo-western outfits with.

The history behind it-

One of the oldest ornaments found by the historians was bangles. At the Harappan Civilization sites, archaeologists found figurines of women adorned with bangles. These figurines belonged to 2600 BC, which shows that the humankind has always been interested in beautiful jewellery as it was a part of the people's day to day lives. Some decorated bangles were found from the Mauryan Empire's times and even decorated gold bangles that belonged to the Taxila Empire.

What makes bangles different from bracelets?

Bangles are circular in shape and aren't flexible like bracelets, which can be easily adjusted. Bangles are typically meant for everyday wear, unlike bracelets. Bangles are typically lighter in weight than bracelets.

Why bangles are worn?-

1. In India, infants are made to wear bangles, which help the mothers in keeping a track of the baby's growth.
2. The constant friction with the wrist of the bangles creates a healthy and continuous blood flow.
3. Bangles made with copper wire are a great way of soothing down the nerves.
4. If any pregnant woman wears bangles, it is said to help in developing the sensory powers of the unborn child which happens each time the bangles create jingling sounds.
5. Bangles are the most important segment of the Solah Shringar process for any married woman in India.

Types of materials used to make bangles –

The status of a family is important when it comes to choosing the kind of bangles the women of the house would wear. Generally, a rich and well-to-do family would make their women or the daughters wear bangles made of gold, platinum or gold with diamonds encrusted over them. For party occasions where it is more peppy and informal, women choose to wear bangles made of metals like silver, aluminium or brass or even copper. Glass and plastic-made bangles are also worn by women who do not wish to spend too much on bangles as these inexpensive bangles are meant for everyday wear as these are easily susceptible to breakage.  Wood bangles or silk thread bangles embellished with stones and crystals are immensely popular amongst fashionistas and divas.  Lately, bangles covered in velvet material are also catching up on the fashion scenes of different parties and ramp shows.