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Different types of jhumkas

The Case Of Exquisite Jhumkas

Indian jewellery is varied in many ways. There are so many different types of jewels which women wear. But everyone has their own favourite, out of which, Jhumka Earrings are probably the favourite of a majority of women. With so many Jhumka designs available, it seems like one must get all of them and treasure them in their collection. Jhumkas are also known as Jhumkis, which basically mean bell-shaped design in which the traditional Jhumka earrings are made. These hanging decorative accessories are easily available to the masses. Jhumkas online or at the shop, both seem to give women the feeling of happiness and in a way gives them a chance to enhance their ethnic as well as western looks for different occasions. In ancient times, women mostly wore the most elegant metal of the time, gold. So gold Jhumkis were a rage and women would wear different sizes based on their calibre of purchasing a light or heavy Jhumkis. The hanging design or the jingling design of the Jhumkis could be said to have made this type of earrings so popular.

The Jhumkas are a part of the Temple Jewellery set and since these are quite over the top, women seemed to have fallen in love with them. These statement pieces are enough by themselves to amp up any kind of outfit. Brides of today love the ethnic design of the Jhumkis which are available in the styles of Chandbali earrings or hoop earrings. Even festivals and other events are a great way of showing off one's beautiful collection of Jhumkas for women as these put them in the limelight on such occasions.

The Timeless Pieces of Jhumkas-

1. Hanging style - These types of Jhumkas usually have long or short strings attached at the bottom of the main dome-shaped earring. Gold and pearls make for the best match in this kind of Jhumkis.

2. Drop Earring Jhumkas - With the ear tops, dome hangings are attached to imitate a drop. Kundan and pearls with rubies are a match made in heaven in this type.

3. Asymmetrical design - There's something perfect about the imperfect shape of asymmetrical Jhumkas. A leaf motif or a mango shape of earrings with tiny pearl drops at the bottom look, WOW!

4. Jhumar design - Just like a chandelier, this one is meant to be heavy and ultra-glam! Jhumar Jhumki designs are very much the epitome of Mughal beauty and give a shade of royal richness.

5. Earcuff Jhumkas with Polki - The three most pretty things together, ear cuff design that hugs the ears with Jhumki design and embellished with Polki stones are for every diva.

6. Flat Jhumki style - For those who are not a fan of heavily embellished jewellery, flat Jhumkis are a good way of adding glamour to one's look. Imagine Filigree design over triangle metal shaped and embossed with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones or even coloured gemstones would look amazing!