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The Charm Of Pahari Jewellery From Uttarakhand

If you thought Uttarakhand was only there to offer you beautiful mountains and landscaping views, then you must read this further because it is a hidden gem of jewels. The 'Land of the Gods' has beautiful jewellery inspiration for everyone who is an ardent lover of jewellery craft. A Pahadi woman's treasure is her heirloom pieces of jewellery that she gets as a bride and there's a lot of wealth and rich heritage behind each piece of the traditional ornament coming from Uttarakhand. Women, in general, get their jewels out to get ready on special events and occasions so they can look breathtaking for the day.

Here are some of the statement Uttarakhandi jewellery pieces for you to know about:

1. Bulaq - A nose jewellery meant for the septum piercing is worn by Pahadi women. This piece of jewellery is made of either gold or silver and has detailed motif designs over it. The fashion of wearing nose rings may not be followed any longer by all the women but traditionally brides were meant to wear it.
2. Kundal - The forever beautiful earrings or kaan balis in gold are worn by the women from Uttrakhand. This is a huge circular gold pair of earrings popularly worn by the women.
3. Nathuli - Also known as the Tehri Nath, it is a big nose ring in the shape of a moon, another piece of jewellery made of gold. The motifs of animals or inspirations from nature are carved over the Nathuli and this bridal jewellery is gifted by the maternal uncle to a bride.
4. Kaanphool - Better known as the ear cuffs in the western world, the Kaanphools are made with elaborate carvings over the precious metal that is gold. These are specifically worn by Jaunsari women.
5. Pahunchi - One of the most significant statement pieces of jewellery is the Pahunchi. This is a big bangle which women wear on very special occasions. Tiny beads, made from gold, are placed over red cloth, which give the bangle a very chunky look.
6. Hansuli - A tightly clutched necklace is a staple jewellery item. It is very minimal in design and is worn by women on events like weddings, festivals, etc.
7. Chandrahaar - The necklace for each Pahadi queen, is a neckpiece made with a number of strings which have gold beads. The beads are put together with Kundan clasps.
8. Galabandh - A version of the choker style necklace, the Galabandh is simple yet very ethnic and tribal in its taste. A red belt is the base of this necklace which has square blocks of gold studded over it.

Besides these jewellery items, others like Paijis which means anklets or the Bicchuas known as toe rings and the kamarbandhs or the waistband and similar other kinds of ornaments are heavily worn by women from Uttrakhand. The jewellery smiths have retained the ancient styles and designs very well and it is utter artistic skills with which they create each piece so painstakingly