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The Heritage Of Guttapusalu

South India is famous for its exorbitant and grand designs and styles of jewellery. The South Indian jewellery, especially the bridal ones, are a must-have for a majority of women from South India who love to collect them in their own treasures. Out of all the jewellery items, a necklace is the most startling and the striking piece and South Indians know how to create their stunning pieces that can attract anyone the moment they set their eyes on such extraordinary jewellery exquisiteness. Out of so many varieties of necklaces, the Guttapusalu is one of the most popular and loved staples of necklaces amongst the women in the south. The loopy design of each Guttapusalu necklace can be very different. A short necklace, a long necklace, or something in between, the length of such a necklace may vary.

From where did it originate?
The rich heritage of the Guttapusalu finds its origins from the fishing coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. The design of the necklace is created with strings of beads piled over each other as fringes, which replicate the look of a shoal of a small fish. In Telugu language, 'Gutta' means a school of fish and 'Pusalu' means beads. Chunks of these designs are created all along the necklace chain. Traditionally, these are made of gold or silver and embellished with beads, coloured gemstones and pearls or even uncut diamonds. Even some choker necklaces are designed in similar patterns.

- The most extravagant and popular Guttapusalu necklace is in the Temple design that may or may not come along with matching earrings, waistband and bangles.
- A Guttapusalu design with pearls, cubic zirconia stones and colourful beads.
- A classic design in this which looks like Temple jewellery but with peacock motifs.
- A stunning piece of Guttapusalu adorned with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and uncut diamonds.
- A beautiful necklace with Lakshmi motif in Temple style jewellery.
- Traditional haram necklace design of Guttapusalu.

Guttapusalu designs aren't considered traditional in the modern time and remain a favourite even amongst the modern-day brides. Lightweight necklaces in this style are also rocked by women on occasions such as formal parties, get-togethers, kitty parties, anniversaries, etc. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja wore a Guttapusalu necklace on her wedding day. Many jewellery designers from other regions of India are also showing keen interest in giving their own twist to this style of South Indian jewellery. Some low-cost Guttapusalu necklaces are made with bronze or copper metals also and embellished with faux beads and stones. Based on one's taste, one can go for a heavy or a simple style of Guttapusalu neckpiece. This looks extremely pleasant when paired with traditional wear or even an Indo-western outfit. Since the design of this type of a necklace is such, it is a statement piece of jewellery by itself, which is enough to complete a woman's elegant overall look. Another factor that attracts many women towards a Guttapusalu is its antique finish or look as it gives away a very royal feel to the wearer.