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The Jewels Of Bharatnatyam

India is a land of rich diversity, culture, traditions, art, evolutions, celebration, and a lot more. Talking of art, dance is one of the forms that signifies the richness of the demographics it represents, the people of that particular place, and so on. One of the dance forms from Southern India is Bharatnatyam, which is an interesting amalgam of the way a story is weaved and the dancers or the performers are adorned with, in beautiful costumes and South Indian jewellery. The impact of jewellery on the look of a Bharatnatyam dancer is very important and gives a character to the story the dancer is representing. The design of the jewellery pieces is heavy, detailed and very rich to compliment the art that is being staged. Here are step-by-step details of what Bharatnatyam Jewellery really is and what it symbolises:

Heavenly Head Jewellery

For a dancer, the head symbolises heaven and a long thin jewel with a pendant is worn is known as Nethi Chutti. Two jewel pieces that look like brooches are worn on either sides of the head, which represent the moon and the sun.

Beautiful Nose Adornment

Mukkutti and Bullak are the two jewellery pieces that are worn by a Bharatnatyam dancer on her nose. This is meant to add grace and style to the complete ethnic look.

Elegant Ears

Beautiful Jimmikis and little chains known as Mattals are attached to these earrings to add a heavier look on the dancer. These Mattals can be easily pinned in the hair. Pearl jewellery for Bharatnatyam performers is quite a popular option.

Attractive Neckpieces

Several neckpieces are worn by a dancer based on the type of role they require performing. There is one very short necklace worn which is known as Attikai. Below this is worn another necklace known as Malai. This one is longer in length and is made of several pearls and gold set in rows. This is mainly to balance the dancer's breathing during the performance.

Graceful Arms, Wrist & Waist

The wrist and the arms of a dancer are adorned with many bangles and bracelets which symbolize prosperity. As the music goes on, these wrists and arms jewellery enhances the rhythmic choreography for the dancer. On their waist, the dancers wear an embellished belt known as Ottiyanam. This helps in creating a silhouette and precise dance moves for the performer which can be visibly seen by the onlookers.

Fabulous Feet

Bharatnatyam dance is recognised by the rhythmic moves that dancers perform which is why the jewellery worn on their feet is of utmost importance. The anklets which they wear are known as Salangai that create a loud sound for a robust effect during the dance. These anklets can be of leather material or in a rope design.

Top 5 Sets Styles of Bharatnatyam Jewellery

1. Bharatnatyam Jewellery set with pearls, as mentioned above, looks really stunning. There's a wealthy essence coupled with simplicity. This kind of jewellery set, with a moti necklace as the main attraction, seems pretty and clean in terms of design.

2. Red and Green stones Bharatnatyam Jewellery set is vivacious, vibrant and ethnic-looking in every sense. This one cannot be missed by the audience as a dancer performs wearing this design of jewellery.

3. All gold coin style Bharatnatyam Jewellery set is typically Indian and the most attractive kind to go for. This looks magical and blends wonderfully with the elaborate costumes of the dancers.

4. Kemp stone Bharatnatyam Jewellery set is popular amongst the dancers simply because it is not so heavy on the pocket.

5. Antique looking ten-pieces Bharatnatyam Jewellery set is definitely for those ardent jewellery collectors and artists who want to look no less than divinity.