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jadau jewellery

The Tale of Extraordinary Jadau Jewellery

Traditional luxury is clearly exemplified by Jadau Jewellery that is the epitome of finesse, representing three different crafts of jewellery making. It's more than a word. It represents the power of art and skills embodied in the hands of craftsmen that create such beauties. Keep reading to find out about the tale of extraordinary Jadau Jewellery, what goes into making it, and much more than that.

Background and Influences-

The special skills of engraved jewellery crafting were brought by the Mughals, which is widely known as Jadau. Its extension and evolution further spanned in Rajasthan and Gujarat, ever since, and this kind of jewellery is worn particularly on various pious occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. Jadau Jewellery is the amalgamation of using diamonds in Kundan and Polki work and Meenakari, skills of which originated in Bikaner. The laborious task of handcrafting each piece of jewel during the Mughal era screamed bespoke and grandeur with every shine and shimmer. 

It might be a bit daunting and confusing to differentiate between Jadau and Kundan, however, Jadau is all about uncut diamonds and precious stones whereas Kundan has glass or stone inlays. The beauty of Jadau isn't limited to jewellery. The technique was highly used in designing and creating large engravings, furniture, boxes, and even idols. Over time, the craft has evolved in a way perfected by Indian artisans that we see in today's Jadau Jewellery designs. Each jewellery piece has a unique name. For instance, a necklace is known as 'Tewata' or 'Timaniya' or 'Bangari' or even 'Gajre'. 

It takes a team of gems to create lustrous gems-

Let us put it this way. Jadau is the name of the ultimate end product that has been created by a team of jewellers using their distinct jewellery-making craftsmanship. The entire process of making Jadau Jewellery is no child's play! Did you know, setting a handful of stones on gold can take an entire day? Such is the level of commitment shown by artisans while creating each Jadau piece of jewellery. So a team of craftsmen achieves the perfect process with their expertise in the creation of jewellery. Elucidating further by giving an example, the design of a piece is created by the 'Chiterias'. The work of engraving and pinning holes is done by the 'Gharias'. Enamelling of the stone is done by a 'Meenakar', and the gold framework, as well as Kundan work, is completed by a goldsmith. Therefore, when these three distinctive crafts come together, the magic called 'Jadau' happens!

Important points to know-

Since Jadau Jewellery is encrusted heavily with precious stones, it is absolutely essential to wear it carefully. Avoid scratching it against any material as it could pull out the stones with a prick. Each time after wearing Jadau Jewellery, clean the piece with a dampened cloth and always let it dry properly before storing it in a spacious box. Dedicate a separate box for each Jadau Jewellery item. Lastly, the best moment to wear Jadau Jewellery is after completing hair and makeup. Perfumes or any kind of sprays may affect the enamelling of the stone and dull the shine, which is very difficult to retrieve. Here's one handy tip that may or may not work; in case a stone has any pencil mark, you can use an eraser to clear the blemish, however, it should be done with a very light hand. In case of underconfidence, it is best to take the piece to a jeweller.

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