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There's So Much To Sea In The Beauty Of Coral Jewellery!

If you haven't come across the word 'Coral', you really need to dig into everything about it! It tops the list as one of the most popular colours in the shade range across the fashion and trends industry, always everyone seems to be in love with it! But why is it so special to inspire everyone around?

Coral Jewellery is probably an interesting slot for almost any jeweller because it is one of the few gemstones that is specific to a certain colour realm of stunning orangy-pinkish red tones. But then nature shows its magical side further by giving us even more shades in Coral such as greens, blues, gold’s, whites, blacks, and so on. Corals can literally stand the time-test so wonderfully since they are extremely durable and one of the best stone jewellery types to own in a collection.

Organic formation-

These Mediterranean beauties belong to the family of organically formed gemstones that are created by plants or animals. Not to be mistaken that Corals come from minerals in the sea. The tiny marine creatures scientifically known as coral polyps, build their hard shell-like homes by secreting calcium carbonate all around them. With time, as the creatures living inside these shells die, they become a part of the structure and the next generation of corals sit atop or beside them to form a larger growth by the reef. Some of the places where Coral harvesting is widely practiced are France, Spain, Italy, Algeria, and Tunisia. Some variants of the Coral are also found in Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and Africa. 

For the love of Coral Jewellery-

: In its natural state, Coral isn't as lustrous, however, upon polishing while making Coral Jewellery, it becomes extremely shiny and beautiful. The glossiness achieved from polishing of any coral gives it an almost opaque look. A lot of times it depends upon the design if the stone is to be polished more or less and therefore accordingly any Coral Jewellery will get its bling quotient!

: Corals are quite soft therefore it isn't an easy task to cut and shape them. Although these can be put into the designs and shapes one wants. As mentioned above, they are known for their strong composition with exponential ability to last long.


Corals have been believed to have a very strong and protective aura about them ever since the ancient era. Corals were worn as amulets in the earlier times in order to ward off evil spirits and darkness far away. Turkey's evil eye design is a famous example of the importance of Coral Jewellery! Other than this, Coral Jewellery is believed to bring calmness to the wearer due to its spiritual vibrancy, helping the negative mind transform and move towards a more positive light.

The right choice for Coral Jewellery shopping-

There's a range of Coral Jewellery for every budget! The pricing of any Coral Jewellery piece highly depends upon the labour invested in it by a craftsman. The detailing and intricacy created on any piece will add up to the final price. If you are a minimalist personality, there are some understatement designs & pieces in Coral Jewellery you must own, and then there are a few over-the-top styles as well meant for someone who likes to go all out while picking jewellery! It is observed that mostly rose or gold metal base compliment the coral colours in the best way possible. Although for those who like to experiment, silver is also seen being paired with Corals nowadays however the look could end up too harsh due to the extreme contrasts of silver and the coral tones. An add-on tip to help you out while Coral Jewellery shopping is that you could ask the jeweller if the coral stones are dyed in order to enhance the colours or not!