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This Is The World Of Flower Jewellery

Beautiful flowers are nature's gift to the humankind. There are so many diverse kinds, colours and shapes of flowers found across the entire world. It is quite natural for artists, painters, designers to be drawn towards the floral beauties and get inspired by them by emulating them in their work. Great writers and storytellers have mentioned of flowers and the way they bring happiness to them. Jewellery designers have created floral crowns, necklaces, floral earrings and what not! But these two words, 'floral jewellery' or 'flower jewellery' are wide. Whether it is precious and semi-precious metals used that are crafted in the shape of a flower or creating artificial flowers or using real flowers to make jewellery, all of this and more is covered under it. All of these are quite popular on different occasions and can be broadly categorised under Haldi jewellery or baby shower jewellery, sangeet jewellery, etc. Brides love to wear their personalised and customised floral jewellery during their sangeet ceremony. Pregnant women also love to wear flower jewellery during the baby shower ceremony.

Indian weddings and ceremonies have heavy adornment and decoration done with flowers and this is why it can be easily understood why flowers are so important for people in India.

Here are some pretty floral jewellery references to inspire you so you can rock them at any event of your choice:

1. Wisteria Flower Jewellery is bound to look pretty because the flowers are twin-shaped likes vines. These flowers are a symbol of contemplation, modesty and devotion. Wisteria flowers shaped crystal jewellery in different colours look breathtaking.

2.  Violet Flower Jewellery is perfect for those who love the rich hues of purple. Imagine yourself wearing violet floral ring embellished with diamonds around the amethyst stones or crystals or real violet flowers necklace and earrings set!

3. Orchid Floral Jewellery is another classic example of reinstating anyone's interest in the beauty of flowers like an orchid. Women are naturally drawn towards this flower because of its delicate look and feel. Many brides opt for orchid floral jewellery crown and necklace set, especially for their sangeet event.

4.  Lily Flower Jewellery has a fan base of its own. Where to begin and where to stop! Women definitely love dainty jewellery and a lily flower as a pendant or as drop earrings or even a ring will make for the most perfect jewel style to match your peppy personality.  

5. Daisy Flower Ring Band or tiny daisy charms on a simple necklace are some of the ideas to incorporate the stunningness of this terrific flower in your jewellery collection.

6. Rose Buds Jewellery cannot be overlooked for a fact that roses are the queens of flowers. Whether it is a baby pink coloured rose or blood-red or velvety maroon, these jewels will put you into a romantic mood. Probably this is why rose flower jewellery is so famous especially during Valentine's day or amongst couples where a man is sure to win his beloved's heart by gifting her any rose-shaped or real flowers jewellery.