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dangler earrings

This Is Why Everyone Loves Dangle Earrings!

Dangle earrings have their own charm. There's at least one type of dangle earrings for every type of personality. Long earrings or the traditional earrings, dangle style is just the right piece of accessory to lift up your mood. The way the danglers hang from the ear lobes look extremely attractive and the variety of length goes from small to long and extra-long. Mostly, dangle earrings suit each type of face cut. These earrings style is one of the best ways to elongate one's neck. Mostly, such earrings are light in weight yet fashionable. Some women love wearing dangler earrings that probably may even touch their décolletage.

The history behind earrings becoming a fad-
Probably, the earrings evolved in hoop shape and later pendants were added to those hoops. During the ancient Egyptian age, women liked wearing dangle earrings to flaunt their status and wealth. Romans and Greeks also liked wearing earrings a lot wherein the former added their own twist to the dangle earrings. They added gemstones to them which was in the early second century A.D. During the Renaissance period, women would tie their hair up and tight, which revealed their ears that made them rock many beautiful earrings.

In the 17th Century, Girandole earrings appeared which were immensely huge and heavy. When a majority of women wore these earrings on an everyday basis, this stretched out their earlobes. During the rule of Queen Victoria in the 1800s, she loved her Girandole earrings.

The Pendeloque earrings were bigger in size but lighter in weight which were introduced in 1750. Even the pirates wore earrings made out of gold, silver and other precious metals and stones. The pirates believed that it helped in enhancing their eyesight.  

Metals used-
There are wide-angled metals which are used to create dangler earrings. If budget is not a constraint, gold and silver danglers look breathtaking. 14k gold and silver earrings are one of the best choices for youngsters. 18k or 22k gold dangle earrings are definitely a kind of pair you'd want to add in your collection if you are truly a jewellery aficionado. The drawback with metal dangle earrings is that these may not last very long. Platinum could be a great choice in terms of longevity.  

Best Dangle Earrings to invest in-

1. Diamond Danglers - Probably the most expensive one to invest in, diamonds are forever and when they are used in dangle design of earrings, you're bound to look absolutely breathtaking.

2. Precious Gemstones Danglers - Precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, amethyst, garnet, and similar other stones probably look the most precious.

3. Peridot Danglers - These are stunning and shine upon every movement. Long strands of peridots are amazing dangler earrings to wear!

4. Chandelier Danglers - Chandelier is the most popular design of dangle earrings. These can make even the simplest dress look classy and elegant.

5. Beads Danglers - The most pocket-friendly type of danglers, these earrings are for every woman on a budget. Owning a variety of colored beaded danglers for every different outfit you have, how does it sound?