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thread jewellery

Thread Jewellery: Know all about Thread Jewellery

What Is Thread Jewellery?

The most popular form of Thread Jewellery is created with silk which is extracted from silkworms. Originally, cocoons would be collected from trees. In 2640 B.C., an empress from China found that upon dipping the cocoons in hot water, the natural glue found from them could be stretched. It was the first emperor of China, Fo Xi, who taught people the art of cultivation of mulberry trees and raising silkworms over them. The transparent structure of silk adeptly absorbs any dye colour which reflects wonderfully through the light.

Why silk is used in Thread Jewellery?

Silk remains lustrous over a great period of time and looks extremely refined and vibrant. It is an affordable thread which helps in creating stunning jewellery pieces without breaking the bank. The thread can be manipulated and wrapped as per the basic shape of the jewellery, which makes it really versatile to be used for making jewellery. The smoothness of silk thread is amazing for jewellery unlike cotton so that the wrapping stays put over the base of the jewel without clinging onto anything that it comes in contact with.

For all occasions-

Handmade jewellery has a distinct flavour to it which is why thread jewellery is very popular amongst the trendsetters and stylists. Thread necklaces, bangles, pendants, rings, earrings of different variety and styles are worn on different occasions. One of the most common times when Thread jewellery is worn by women is during their pre-wedding functions. Thread jewellery is colourful, light in weight and looks smashing with ethnic as well as western outfits too.  

Different styles and varieties-

- Chandbalis made with silk thread is a style that's a rage at the moment. The silk thread is wrapped around the moon-shaped frame. This can be in one or more than one colour of silk threads being used.

- Studs made with silk threads also are very fashionable to look at where the stud is made with silk being wrapped around a particular shape with a border around it. It looks like a stone however the shine of the silk thread is commendable on an equal level.

- Double coloured silk bangles with mirrors look breathtaking. These are perfect for occasions such as weddings, festivals, birthdays, haldi, mehendi, etc.

- Contrasting themed silk thread necklace with a chunky pendant is one of the statement pieces that can add divine charm to any outfit. Different colours of the thread are wrapped around the frame or wire of a necklace to create a lovely pattern and a huge pendant is also wrapped with silk threads to complete the look of the neckpiece. Pearls in the design additionally create a more glam look.

- Silk thread bangles or cuffs with Kundan and Polki stones are another way of amping up one's look during the special events. Bajubands, rings and anklets are a couple of unique thread jewellery ideas that work for anyone who wishes to come across and look different than the rest. The combinations and styles are endless when it comes to thread jewellery.