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What is Bronze Jewellery?

Bronze is an alloy which mainly contains copper, and is used majorly to create handicraft items and chunky, vibrant jewellery and the kinds. Before using this metal, gold and silver were only known to be used for jewellery. With Bronze Age came a lot of beautiful explorations in terms of using this metal creatively to make jewellery that looked charming, vintage and shiny with its gold-like effects. Women in those times would wear most of the jewellery items such as earrings, bangles, anklets, neckpieces, Finger rings, and various such items all made from copper.

How it came into being?-

It is difficult to identify the exact dates of when the Bronze Age began its journey however a few laureates claim that the beginning of this trend commenced from the Mesopotamian Era. Even India was exposed to this kind of jewellery around the same time frame. A host of archaic jewellery that we have come across over all these years gives us clear evidence of how well-liked and popular was Bronze Jewellery in those times. There has always been a very earthy and rustic charm of the Bronze Jewellery ever since it came into existence.

What kind of innovation has come about?-

Bronze is one of the sturdiest fashion jewellery metals which is used to make all hard and beautiful pieces, making it perfect for jewellery to ensure its longevity. The major inspiration behind today's jewellery made of bronze does capture the essence of the past yet some innovations have come about in the designs and patterns which are mostly used in today's time. The most fashionable and liked jewellery are statement pieces of cuffs, rings and necklaces. A trend that is really stunning to look at in Bronze Jewellery is of the usage of different coloured gemstones that complement the tan colour of the metal. There are many ethnic influences seen in the jewellery designing crafts especially across India, South America, Africa and the Middle East. Even the oxidised jewellery finish that is created with bronze looks strong and enthralling.

Beneficial Traits-

Since Bronze Jewellery mainly contains copper, it helps the wearer in alleviating the copper levels in the body. The human skin smartly absorbs the right amount of copper from the metal while wearing this kind of artificial jewellery. In case your Bronze Jewellery has a sealant over it, your skin will not be able to absorb copper from it. It is also believed that this metal helps in relieving joint pain, arthritis issues, and other similar problems.

Cleaning & Care-

Bronze is not a very easy metal to own since the skin's touch, sweat and oxygen tend to affect the components in the copper which turn the metal into greenish shade known as patina. Whenever such a thing happens, one can wash the dirty jewellery piece with warm water and a mild soapy liquid. It is important to thoroughly clean and wipe the wet pieces to dry them properly. Some of the common household kitchen ingredients that can help you in getting rid of the patina layer are lemon, salt, baking soda, and vinegar. These can help in restoring the original shine and the look of the metal.

Avoid using very strong commercial cleaners and always go light-handedly over the jewellery pieces while cleaning them. No kind of scratching should be done over the pieces, in fact using wax could help in keeping the lustre and shine of the metal for a longer time.

Go ahead and grab yourselves some stunning statement jewellery pieces in bronze and enjoy a different kind of fashionable look with your ethnic and Western outfits.