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What is Fashion Jewellery? Know all about Fashion jewellery

It is everyone's friend, muse and a medium to help channel one's personality and sense of jewellery fashion in daily life. Yes, Fashion Jewellery is a form of artificial jewellery which everyone accessories with as everyday wear. Pretty much self-explanatory, this type of jewellery is meant to draw attention as a fashion statement and major fashion jewellery pieces are very comfortable, wearable and pocket-friendly. Fashion Jewellery is also known as costume jewellery, which really means that this type of jewellery is meant to adorn the clothes or the outfit and the overall look of a person. It isn't as expensive as Fine Jewellery with which people confuse it!

Historical Background-

Fashion Jewellery has been existing from the last 300 years. Major fashion jewellery designers began working on a more refined and normalised fashion statement pieces of jewellery for women to wear. In this century, the jewellery was made with inexpensive material such as glass. 19th century actually welcomed a more sophisticated version of costume jewellery as these were embellished with inexpensive semi-precious stones. This definitely was a turning point as it attracted people's attention and liking.

The golden era for Fashion Jewellery began and picked up in the 20th century when people demanded this type of jewellery which was coupled with the industrial revolution. All this subtly made a noise and hinted towards the marriage of industrialized production of fashion jewellery to meet the larger demands of people yet as a cost-effective level. This revolution helped in making heirloom gold traditional jewellery copies more affordable and easily accessible for the middle-class people or for the common people.

Faux jewellery was drastically popularised by many Hollywood actresses as they wore costume jewellery in their movies and stage acts. One of the known fashionistas, Coco Chanel, brought out the concept of putting life to costume jewellery with faux pearls and gold finish baubles which looked classic and rich.

Industry Insight-

The manufacturers of fashion jewellery are scattered throughout the world. The design influences vary based on the geographical location of where such jewellery is being produced. In India and China, the concentration of producing fashion jewellery is visibly present. There's a big part of these jewels being imported and exported from country to country and the trade with demand and supply ranges as per the liking of the people in such nations. Wholesalers of fashion jewellery generally display their products at trade shows or online with the advent of development in the World Wide Web section. Jewellery makers now heavily depend upon online sales which is comfortable for both, buyers and the sellers.

What makes it everyone's favourite?

It is an inexpensive alternative to the pricier options such as gold, diamond jewellery and other exquisite gemstone jewellery. High-end simulated stones, beads, rhinestones or glass are used to create expensive-looking fashion jewellery. Mostly, silver or gold-plated metals are used as the frame to make costume jewellery items.

Fashion jewellery is very versatile and can be branded under modern, trendy, flashy, vintage, grunge, and more such segments. Celebrities from all walks of life have truly been in love with fashion jewellery ever since as they are always seen wearing them over different occasions at parties, awards, performances, weddings, etc. Over a period of time, the evolution of fashion jewellery has seen some interesting changes and those changes have made this jewellery more of a collectable standard now due to improved quality, range and affordability.

Whether one likes funky looking jewels or neons or metals and absurd shapes and styles in jewellery, fashion jewellery has it all! One can experiment with delicate-looking pieces and the opposite chunky and heavy jewellery under this class of jewels.