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What Makes Gold Jewellery A Significant Part Of The Indian Traditions?

Gold Jewellery has always been an integral part of many celebratory customs and traditions across different parts of India. Gold in itself is offered at many temples of various religions as well as worn and gifted to family members to recognize their importance and to spread love. Various customs in India such as weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, birthdays and many more, see a lot of gold jewellery as the prime focus and as the most preferred gift to be given and received. Do you recognize why this yellow metal is so significant for any traditional event in India? Keep reading and keep learning the interesting aspects that make gold jewellery such an essential part of an Indian's life.

Some of the real reasons behind gold jewellery's popularity-

-Gold jewellery is linked with blessings from goddess Lakshmi

-For a woman, there are many underlined connections and values associated with gold jewellery that is passed down from one generation to another

-Gold jewellery symbolizes power, authority, status and wealth of the owner

-It is a part of the family treasure

-It is an investment and security for the posterity

-It is the most Indian gesture of respecting oneself and the receiver when you invest in gold jewellery for self or to gift

-It enhances the beauty of the wearer, especially the brides for whom parents start gathering and getting a lot of gold jewellery made

The godly vibe of gold jewellery-

There's no denying that we see deities in the temples clad with heavy jewellery, perhaps, the real source behind how important gold jewellery has always been even for the gods. It is said that gold ornament awakens the 'Chetana' a.k.a sensitivity. This sensitivity, in turn, ignites radiance in a being and it is this radiance which enhances the inner beauty of a person. The joy of looking radiant and beautiful is one of the biggest reasons why gold jewellery has such godly vibes to it.

Gold Jewellery and its importance in Maharashtra-

Maharashtrian events and traditions are primarily dictated by heavy gold jewellery usage. Whether it is a wedding or any other ceremony, gold jewellery will seldom be missing from the scene. Here are some typical Gold Maharashtrian jewellery references that are worn by women of the region across different occasions.
1. Chaplahaar is a Maharashtrian bride's staple gold jewellery piece. It is along and beautiful necklace that has stunning and intricate designs over it. Due to its long length, it is said that the necklace touches a woman's heart, invoking love and emotions for her beloved.

2.  Lakshmi haar is another standard gold necklace worn by the women of Maharashtra. This necklace has gold coins all over the chain with goddess Lakshmi's picture engravings on them.

3. Kolhapuri Saaj necklace, which is also deemed as the Mangalsutra for a bride is worn which has leaves-shaped carvings on the small pendants on this neckpiece.

4. Kaan Jhumka, also primarily made of gold, is worn by women during different events in their lifetime. This denotes the flourishing times in a woman's life and a celebration of a certain moment in her life.

5. Gold bangles adorn the wrists of the women and this is also of great value in the Indian traditions as this signifies the influx of good fortune besides making the women look more beautiful.

Whether you go northwards or southwards, either you move towards the eastern lands or the western lands, the importance of gold jewellery is everywhere and the way it is incorporated in people's lives across diverse occasions is an interesting one. This is why, India, the land of traditions, beautifully blends gold jewellery that is rustic, happy and respectable in its essence.