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What's CZ JEWELLERY All About & Why Is It Giving Diamond A Run for Its Money?

Gone are the days when it was said, 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' because the tables have turned around with the new saying, 'CZ is a girl's best friend'! CZ a.k.a Cubic Zirconia is an affordable, synthetic stone that is breath-taking, brilliant, clear and flawless as a diamond! This affordable alternative to a diamond is a synthesized crystal material that's hard and without a trace of shade on its own. When the light hits a CZ stone, it reflects hues of the rainbow, unlike any diamond, making it look much more alluring and illuminated. The market trends for CZ Jewellery are picking up like a wildfire and we trace all that's ushering demand for this fabulous stone that's as brilliant as a diamond!

First Discovery-

The year 1982 led to the discovery of Cubic Zirconia. The value of this material was not realised until the late 1930s when scientists noticed that the CZ doesn't budge even in the highest temperatures.

The Real Reason behind Its Popularity-

Smart minds make smart choices, and when it comes to jewellery shopping, CZ Jewellery shopping is the way to go. Without an argument, it is clearly known that splurging on diamonds will leave you with a penny in the hand. So, investing in a CZ Jewellery is definitely one of the best decisions you'd make especially if you're setting up your jewellery collection and with to flaunt it in your kitty circle. Or, if you're a young motivated professional, who wants to flaunt some shiny stone at their workplace without having to go broke! A pretty CZ diamond bracelet or rings or earrings would be great! One of the trends picking up in the CZ Jewellery domain is that of engagement rings. This inexpensive way of winning the heart of your beloved is like a boon for young couples set out to get hitched in their young, reluctant and experimental days of their lives. A CZ Jewellery piece holds as many sentimental values as a diamond, which blesses the heart that gifts it and the one that receives it, without hurting the giver's pocket.

Benefits of Owning CZ Jewellery-

Other than looking high-class, polished and sophisticated in a CZ Jewellery, it has the added following benefits as well:

  1. A great start to adding to your jewellery collection is by owning a CZ Jewellery piece. It's way cheaper than a diamond but a shine that can blind all the haters.
  2. Even if you lose a CZ Jewellery piece, it won't hurt much because of its easy affordability. Whereas a diamond lost could mean a heart attack gained!
  3. A Cubic Zirconia stone despite being a faux diamond is very high in quality as real diamonds. The CZ stones are cut like diamonds yet are clearer than the latter. Your beauty will literally radiate when you set out a step with a CZ Jewellery on you.
  4. CZ Jewellery isn't delicate, as these beautiful stones are very hard and won't crack like diamonds. The longevity of these stones is one of their USPs.
  5. Cubic Zirconia or CZ Jewellery can be easily customised to your taste. Specifications with regards to the size, cut, or even colour can be achieved with CZ stones, unlike diamonds. 

To conclude, get yourself a range of CZ diamond Jewellery pieces in a necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, pendants and more. These stones are usually set in valuable metals like gold, silver or platinum and are meant for every occasion. So make CZ Jewellery your choice and shine bright like a diamond Cubic Zirconia!