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What's Pota Jewellery & Why It Is Any Modern-day Woman's Choice?

Today's women, especially belonging to the urban areas, are well informed and engaged in creating demand for jewellery trends, designs and types, which are interesting and vibrant. This is one of the strongest reasons which ushered a fondness for the newest baby in the range or type of jewellery that is available across the widths of the industry. Women's experimental attitude towards styling jewellery with a twist gave birth to the more modern type of imitation jewellery which is better known as Pota. It could be called as the trendiest alter ego of diamonds, without having buyers to worry about going broke over their shopping because it is one of the most inexpensive ways of stacking up or adding on to one's jewellery collection! Bollywood seems to be in awe of Pota Jewellery as it saves up finances majorly during the shoots. Now you know, Pota Jewellery is en route to be a star itself on the bigger, wider screen of this world.

Where does it come from?

Exact locations are unknown that directly imprinted the beginnings of Pota Jewellery creation. Also, influences for Pota Jewellery designs are seen coming from various regions of India. Designs replicating the Victorian era and from the West are also evident in Pota Jewellery. Heavy gold-plated Pota Stone Jewellery is doing quite the rounds around in the popularity zone as it not only looks elegant but also expensive when paired with a designer wear dress, mainly on special occasions like weddings, births, and other different celebrations.

Types available-

Definitely epitomising the perfect companion for the new-age women, Pota Jewellery is quite a popular and a young artificial jewellery form which might confuse people by giving them an impression of being diamonds or even some precious as well as semiprecious stones. The two distinct types of Pota Jewellery available in the market are the ones where the base (metal is liquefied and set in a particular design and upon cooling the stones are placed) is embellished with Pota stones. The other type is beaded one with stones weaved in a string to create a jewellery piece and at both ends, either clasps or hooks are put for it to be ready to be worn! In both the variants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, nose rings, toe rings, and maang tikas are easily available. Many top designers have also started innovatively designing Pota Jewellery, which ironically is moving this budget-friendly jewellery type under the expensive tag.

Preferential Pairing-

There is more tendency of pairing Traditional Pota Jewellery with ethnic wear, which is due to the authentic traditional look and feel of any Pota Jewellery design. However, there is always room for experiments and since Pota Jewellery is better defined by today's women, they do feel the freedom to go ahead and compliment their Pota Jewellery pieces with a fusion Western wear too! More so, it has been quite evident to see that Pota Jewellery stone colour is generally matched with the outfit colour.

Maintenance of Pota Jewellery-

There's no surprise that any kind of traditional jewellery requires care and proper storage in order to keep its colour, look and design, intact! Same goes with Pota Jewellery, mainly because the stones might get spoilt if they are mistakenly brushed against any rough material or surface. It is highly recommended that Pota Jewellery is stored in a clean, soft box with cotton lining, and in a dry place. Wearing Pota Jewellery and using any kind of spray or perfume can lead to discolouration.