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You’re Guide to Learning about the Royals' Favourite, Polki Jewellery

The wedding season is just around the corner and what could be a better time than now to learn all about Polki Jewellery that defines opulence and regal in ways unimaginable? If you're really wishing to look ethereal for your own or a friend's or a sibling's dream wedding, then jot down points and learn everything about the greatly popular Polki Jewellery. 

What is Polki?

Unearthed diamonds from a mine which are barely enhanced or altered, retaining their uncut, true version as a whole, is when you get a Polki. No amount of physical or chemical transitions are made to the Polki to add or subtract to the original characteristics of the diamond. The shine you get in Polki Jewellery is unmatched to Kundan jewellery which is compelling enough to own at least one breathtaking piece of a Polki Jewellery. This is the reason Polki is one of the most expensive options when it comes to investing in a regal jewellery section. 

Chronicles of its origin-

Introduced by the Mughals, the queens were often seen wearing intricate and exclusive designs of Polki Jewellery. Its popular legacy was taken forward by the royals of Rajasthan, which is why it is worth mentioning that Bikaner is the epicenter that pursued in creating and popularizing Polki Jewellery as Rajasthani jewellery Pan-India.

Crafting wonder process of the precious Polki Jewellery-

With gold jewellery as the base, Polki is embedded in with the help of gold foil and lac. Upon placing, the stones are fused together with the foil that helps them shine while reflecting light. Depending upon the design of a Polki Jewellery, pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones are added to make an interesting combination of the jewellery piece. The value of any Polki Jewellery depends on the clarity, colour and the carat of the Polki diamonds that have been used in making it. Generally, for weddings and occasions alike, Polki Jewellery set is one of the most popular options selected by the brides-to-be and families. Or, in some cases, heirloom Polki Jewellery pieces are passed on to the next generations as part of familial heritage.

Types of Polkis used in a Jewellery set-

The vintage and aristocratic charm of Polki diamonds, know no realms and bounds, as it tends to mesmerise the buyers with its flamboyant beauty. There are mainly three main types of Polki Jewellery which are Kilwas Polki, Syndicate Polki and Zimbabwe Polki. If you're drawn towards the trendiest versions of Polki Jewellery, then Hyderabadi Polki and Open Polki make for some great options. 

Hyderabadi Polki is distinct from the rest because Polkis are set in silver jewellery, making it look very different from the traditional Jadau jewellery pieces. This is deemed as one of the affordable Polki Jewellery options.

An Open Polki Jewellery set comprises various diamonds or gemstones without an enamel back coating. Rubies and emeralds are the latest inclusion in the designs of a Polki Jewellery set, specially made for a bride's taste! 

Polki Essentials-

Statement Polki earrings or chandbalis can add that oomph to a simple outfit.

Polki Maang Tikas are the way to make your look a tad different from the crowd! Fun gets a different angle when one pairs a beautiful Polki Maang Tikka with one's outfit.

A complete Polki Jewellery set is definitely for the ones who aren't shying away from splurging big time! VIPs, celebrities and the royals have a knack for wearing a lot of Polki Jewellery set, and the more, the better! Although, a double-lined simple Polki set looks equally magical as any ten-layered Polki set.

Polki kadas are blooming in the fashion trend, of late, and wearing them with full-sleeved blouses or tops add just another dimension to the diva look.

Polki Ring is a minimal way of showing your aristocratic style. Who knows, you might inspire someone?

Polki Nath is a very traditional yet essential Polki piece that deserves a place in your jewellery collection and every bride's trousseau box.